From Spirit to You

Mandy Avery — Spirit Medium

Mandy knew from an early age that what was she was hearing, seeing or feeling about people she encountered every day was not what other people of her acquaintance seemed to be experiencing. After watching mediums and psychics on television, Mandy decided to learn more about what was going on in her head. What she discovered through research was that she was psychic and that her psychic abilities included mediumship.

There was still the nagging question of "Why?" What was the purpose of all this ability? Was it only a great parlor trick or some light entertainment when her friends gathered at parties?

The answer to her question came when Mandy was treated to a Postcards From Heaven event with Maureen Hancock. There, she had a loved one in spirit come through right at the beginning of the show. She watched as Maureen brought through loved one after loved one for the rest of the audience as well. Each spirit loved one Maureen brought through came there to express their love, their happiness their feelings of well-being and to provide evidence of the continuity of life. Most of the spirit loved ones also had important messages to convey to their families and friends in the audience. What a fabulous gift!

From that moment on, Mandy has studied, practiced and worked at being able to provide information for anyone looking for the comfort of knowing that our loved ones are still with us, still love us and are sending their helpful and healing messages to us.

Mediumship Training

Mandy's studies include 'Advanced Mediumship,' 'Mediums Go Pro' and 'Trance Mediumship Training' with Rita Berkowitz; 'Evidentiary Mediumship' with Rev. Brenda Lawrence (UK); 'Spirit Communication' workshops with Maureen Hancock; 'Your Spirit Guides are Calling (pick up the phone)' with Cheryl Quinlan, and five day 'Advanced Medium Workshop at Journey Within Church, Pompton Lakes NJ' with Brian Robertson and Simon James.

Books written by James Van Praagh, John Edward, Sonia Choquette, Allison Dubois, and Rita Berkowitz have been extremely beneficial in giving Mandy an overview of various techniques, philosophies and backgrounds in the work of mediumship.



Readings are by appointment only, please email or call 617-921-7322 to book an appointment.

A Spirit Medium is a person who is able to see, hear and talk with spirits. The purpose for this incredible gift is to bring messages of love, help and healing, as well as evidence of the continuity of life, to people on this side from loved ones who have crossed over.

As a spirit medium, Mandy Avery has been blessed with this gift and is able to communicate with loved ones, including beloved pets, that have crossed over. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. This means she sees, hears and feels information from the other side in her mind and heart. There are times that Mandy can smell and taste things as well (a plus when baked goods are part of the evidence in a reading).

Animal Medicine Card readings are face-to-face readings where you may ask up to four questions or ask for general information.

Animal Medicine Cards is a system of divination and understanding that was created by Jamie Sams and David Carson, two Native American writers and teachers, to bring awareness to people about the help and guidance that is available through the power of animals. There are many different card spreads used to focus the medicine (help) where it is specifically needed. Each reading will bring enlightenment as well as entertainment to anyone open to the experience.

Mandy Avery has been using Animal Medicine cards for more than 20 years to assist in bringing clarity and guidance to family and friends as they seek answers to their questions.

Individual in-depth readings are done face to face at my office in Pembroke, MA. I can accommodate more than one person in a session if they are related by blood or marriage; there will be an additional charge of $5 per person for more than one individual.

Telephone readings are easy and comfortable since spirits can make contact and communicate anywhere, at any time. These readings are paid by credit card at the start of the reading.

I can accommodate more than one person sitting for a reading at my office if the person is related by blood or marriage. There will be a fee of $5 for each additional person sitting for the reading at the same time.

House Parties are available and are conducted as group sessions with a maximum of ten participants sitting together to hear the messages from loved ones in Spirit. The number of participants can be adjusted if mutually agreed to before the house party. The fee starts at $300 for a distance of thirty miles from the home base in Pembroke; outside of that radius the rates increase to cover incremental costs.

Large group readings are available. Please contact Mandy through e-mail or by phone for more information.

To Make an Appointment

Please leave only your name, phone number and the best time to return your call. Please do not give any information about your family, friends or issues because that may inadvertently influence the reading.

How to Have a Good Reading

Please be prompt for your appointment.

If you schedule a phone reading, make sure that you are at a location that is comfortable for you. I want you to be able to sit back and enjoy this experience.

If you are looking to connect with one specific individual in the spirit world, I cannot guarantee that they will show up in a reading. As a medium, I cannot call 1-800 SPIRIT WORLD to connect with a specific individual. You may hear from old friends or you may be the middleman who passes messages to a friend. I‘m not saying you will not hear from a certain person who you wish to connect with--it just cannot be guaranteed.

People who have passed on are not coming through to give you predictions; they are coming through to show you that life continues and they are still around you.

Spirit manifests and provides evidence in many ways: physical features, personality, relationships, names, memories, favorite hobbies etc. Be open to validate whatever comes through from spirit.

Please listen to the information that is coming through. It may not be obvious to me but could be very significant to you. And please do not wait to hear what YOU may want to hear. I can only give you what I am getting by interpreting the information the best way I can.

If you do not understand a specific bit of information, write it down and check the information with your family. If it is possible, get some information about your family beforehand: names, places, occupations etc. so if lesser known family members come through, you will be able to validate them.

Please remember that I am human, too, and I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy; no one can.

Each medium is different and unique in their abilities. Every session is different and every spirit that comes through is just as unique. Keep an open mind and listen to the information coming through, so you can have a rewarding and positive experience.



Mandy’s readings are not only accurate and insightful, but she combines this with a deep sense of caring for the individual she is charged with telling often sensitive and life changing information. Her deep connection with both the spiritual world and the world of today is so apparent as she makes you at ease and fills you with the information you have sought her out for. With Mandy you will receive an informative, enjoyable, uplifting and, sometimes, even fun experience, guaranteed.

Pati H. Halifax, MA

Dear Mandy—You are a special person, thank you for sharing your gift with my family. I loved the card reading.

Debbie S., Stoughton, MA

Mandy—Thank you for sharing your extra-ordinary gift with me and my family. The communications from Bill, Kevin and my Dad have given us comfort, hope and peace. Crossing paths with you has been a blessing.

Love , Kathie

Since I met Mandy Avery several months ago, I have had several opportunities to experience her work first hand. Not only is she an extremely gifted medium, but Mandy is a warm and kind human being—a real joy to be around. Her readings are not only extremely accurate, but are delivered in a sensitive and caring manner. Her messages from spirit have personally given me not only great comfort, but some real clear direction and guidance. I am truly grateful to know there is such a wonderful resource available to connect with spirit! Thank you, Mandy!

Sheila G., Marion, MA 2009